Help a child in need

You can make a difference! Be a hero for a child who needs you.

Imagine the experience of a young girl who is removed from her home because her parents, who are responsible for protecting her, are causing her harm and placing her at great risk. She enters the child welfare system and is placed in a foster home where strangers decide her fate. This is where CASA steps in.

CASA volunteers speak up for abused and neglected children by:

o Learning all they can about their assigned child and the child’s family, by interviewing others, observing, and requesting and reviewing pertinent records
o Visiting the child in his or her placement monthly
o Maintaining contact with individuals involved in the child’s case, such as parents and other family members, social workers, teachers, therapists
o Monitoring court orders
o Writing a comprehensive and objective report to the court of the investigation, containing fact-based recommendations that are in the best interests of the child