Board of Directors

Chesterfield CASA is governed by a Board of Directors who provides our program with a high level of governance, fiscal oversight, compliance, and accountability. If you are interested in learning more about the responsibilities and rewards of board service, contact Ruth Anne Cutright, Executive Director, at

Benjamin Stahl
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Vicki Horst, Esq.
Hairfield Morton

Helen Holt
Civic volunteer

Tanieka Goldman
Department of Behavioral Health &
      Developmental Services


Kathleen Nosbisch
Department of Professional & Occupational

Christine Petrella

Dr. Heather Prather

U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Dr. Michael Wriston

The Competitive Edge

"The lawyers know the statutes, the social workers, the regulations. But the CASA volunteer is assigned to know the child, one child at a time, to understand the boundaries of her life, to telephone her teachers, to consider her hopes and dreams, to try and come to some conclusion about what will be in her best interests. For children whose pasts have been chaotic and whose futures are uncertain, the CASA volunteer may be the most consistent, interested presence in their lives."

Anna Quindlen, Author & Columnist