Chesterfield CASA
    Who will speak for Annie?
                              ...CASA will!
Our Mission
The mission of Chesterfield CASA is to promote safe, permanent homes for abused and neglected children by providing trained volunteers to advocate for them throughout their involvement in the juvenile court process.
Our Work
As abused and neglected children navigate the legal and child welfare systems, their CASA volunteer is available to focus solely on their best interests. CASA volunteers work one-on-one with each child and assist the Court in making sure each child has a safe, nurturing, and permanent home. The hallmark of CASA's work is a written report provided to the juvenile court. The information in these reports is given careful consideration by the judge before he/she makes decisions which will effect the child's safety and future development. 
Our Duties

As stated in the Code of Virginia, CASA volunteers have the following duties:

  • Investigate the case to provide independent, factual information to the court.
  • Submit to the court a written report of the investigation, including recommendation's as to the child's welfare.
  • Monitor the case to ensure compliance with the court's orders, including observing the child in his/her placement.
  • Assist the guardian ad litem's representation of the child's needs and best interests.

"The lawyers know the statues, the social workers that regulations.  But the CASA volunteer is assigned to know the child, one child at a time, to understand the boundaries of her life, to telephone her teachers, to consider her hopes and dreams, to try to come to some conclusion about what will be in her best interests.  For children whose pasts have been chaotic and whose futures are uncertain, the CASA volunteer may be the most consistent, interested presence in their lives."

Author & Columnist, Anna Quindlen